The mehndi art is a vital part of all festivals in subcontinent. Be it a wedding, Holi, Christmas or Eid. when there is a festival, there surely is gonna be mehndi.

Oh, how we all love our hands mehndi clad on eid.

Looking all pretty!

I don’t know about you, but I love to show off my stained hands with gorgeous intricate designs. The smell of mehndi, flowers, waves of laughter, and the eidi envelopes is a refreshing reminder of how beautiful our life is.

The pandemic has already claimed our last two eids.

But I am thankful to the Lord Almighty for bringing back our festivities this year. The most loved part of our eid tayyari is Mehndi. I love seeing people getting their hands fully covered with this organic dye, aka Mehndi.

Minimalist Mehndi Art is the Talk of the Town.

Personally, a less time-consuming and more minimalist design is where I bet my money. If you are like me and end up with just a round “gola” on your hand, I have the perfect news. Darlings, there’s more than a gola out there for us simpletons.

So thankfully, I see these gorgeous and artistic designs around me this year. And we all know that sharing is caring. So I will share some minimal mehndi art for all the queens and princesses there.

Enjoy and have fun…
FYI, you can find all these designs on Instagram; just click on the link.

1. Hennavegabond

Click here

2. Henna_by_shamsa


click here

3. Asianweddingz_


click here

4. Hennaby_mk

Personal favourite.


Click here

5. Hennavegabond


Click here

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