Eid look dilemma? Diva or Desi!

Eid is just around the corner and the next big question on my mind is what is gonna be my eid look?

Should I dress up with some desi jhumka shumka stuff?
Accessorize my look with some modern jewelry and bag?


What do you say?

So many questions! Okay, here’s another one. I promise this is gonna be the last one.

Are you in the same boat?

With the tough routines during the month of Ramadan, sleepless nights, long days, low productivity, lower energies and lowest will to turn on the stove for aftar preps. eid is like a breath of fresh air. Now before you turn your fatwa molvi mode on.

I love Ramadan. But you have to agree that the routines during the day make it difficult to carry out even minor tasks like smiling after about 4 ‘o’ clock. Or maybe 3!

I mean seriously, “kaanpen tang jati haen yar”.

The Dress is sorted.

Well I have my dress sorted. Ready and stitched, ironed, hanging in my closet (smirk). We girls know that this one is a big flex here. So let me have my moment. Lol

Oh and by the way those of you still running to your tailors for your dresses, keep calm and read my blog on the way to the tailor. Don’t forget to tell him how my tailor was so efficient to deliver my dress on time.

I wanted some colorful and vibrant dress since covid ate up my last two eids. Here’s my dress. Hope you like it as much as I do and even if you don’t, that’s ok babe.

eid look

Want it? Get it Here

Would you help me pick my accessories?

Now you have an idea what I am wearing. Let me share my choice of accessories to go with it.

Oxidized Jhumka Earring

This one is special to me. I made it with own hands. These go with the dupatta well. Since the dupatta and the earring both have shades of green. Also it is what is in these days.
oxidized green jhumka

Did I forget to mention that I made these? *feeling happy*


Matte gold Hoops & Cuff

Simple, stylish and trendy as fudge. You know how matte gold is a rage these days. I personally love minimal looks.
matte gold hoops

Get these Here.

Green Fluorite Cuff

The Cuff is available Here.


A statement neck piece.

How about I experiment and pick an orange statement necklace to go with this. Just the thought of it fills me with excitement.

Orange necklace
Available Here.


Green Agate bracelet and chain.

These accessories will surely give me a chic look.

Green agate necklace

Shop this one Here.


Green agate bracelet

Get this Here.

Desi handmade Chand Bali.

It will surely upbeat my festive vibe. Check it out.


Get this Here.

Now you see how confused I am?

Share your response in comments and help your sister out (pretty please). I would also love seeing your eid look. Make the best of the comment section.

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