Pyari Amis k Naam, Peghaam-e-aam.

Mother`s day is here!

It is that time of the year when we celebrate our rocks, our ground, our sky, Our Mums!

It is kind of sweet that this year mother’s day has dropped by just after eid. Because even on eids, we all know well that there is no celebration without our Amis.


thankyou Amis


Sad Face Alert!

So this eid was kind of sad for me. Because both my Amis (the one that brought me into this world and raised me well, only to move into another house where I found an in-law mum) weren’t in Pakistan.


This time I got to feel what all wideshi daughters feel every year. This distance is tough man!


Cheers to all of you who missed their mothers this eid and three cheers to the ones who were lucky enough to spend this auspicious festival (thora formal bhi hona parta hai) with their Maa.


Mere Dil ka Haal.

This blog is a tribute from me to both my mothers and I am sure that I am narrating every daughter`s heartfelt emotions, rare and raw (just like a juicy steak).


Mama and ami you both complete parts of me. To be honest, you are both my inspiration in different ways. I learnt to be strong and to have faith in Allah in toughest situations by you gals (cuz yeah, age is just a number. Haven`t you heard?). You guide me through your immense knowledge and experience to overcome any problems that come around.


Where my birth mother (mama) taught me to harness my emotions and hold a strong disposition no matter what falls apart. My Ami (mother in law) taught me to bring my raw emotions to table, right in front of her so she can see my soul and give me what I need accordingly.

*Sniff sniff

I am not crying. You are! Pass me the tissue please.

So today in front of the whole wide world, this beti wants to say that I Love you both so much and I wish you all the best in this world and the next.

In the end, ye dill ap dono ka hua. 

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